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2 April 2013 : Dialogue session in conjunction with the publicity and public participation of the District Local Planning (RTD) draft for Rembau 2025 (replacement) was held at the Merdeka Hall, Rembau District Council. The dialogue session aims to clarify to the local community on the plans outlined in the Rembau RTD draft document. In addition, it aims to provide the opportunity for the local community to provide feedback/views/propositions/objections towards the proposal. A total of 110 people were present comprising of Departmental Heads, Council Members, JKK chairman/representatives and the local residents. The Rembau District Council appreciates and give thanks thankful to the Negeri Sembilan Town and Rural Planning Department and the Southern Zone Projects Office (PPZS), Peninsular Malaysia JPBD who assisted in the briefing and the dialogue session for the local community